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Pain relief, Percocet and Controversy are the three words which been in headlines and in the eye of the media multiple times. Percocet is a pain relief medicine that is composed of two core elements Acetaminophen and Oxycodone and belongs to the narcotic family of the medicine and has been considered to highly addictive but despite that it is one of the best and the most popular drug use for pain relief.

As we are all are aware of the fact that all medicines have some side effects,buy percocet online without a prescription is no different in fact due to its narcotic nature its side effects range from very minor to severe and miss use of the medicine could even to fatal side effects. Minor side effects of the pain relief medicine include constipation, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, light-headedness drowsiness if one these symptoms are felt by you as user of Percocet and it is persistence you should contact your doctor and ask for advice. Major side of the side effects include allergic reaction in which case emergency medical attention is to be taken, other include seizures, hallucination, difficulty breathing and many more in which case you should stop taking medicine and consult your doctor immediately.

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Due to the number of side effects and their intensity related to buy generic percocet online a lot of care should be taken when using this pain relief medicine. It should only be taken by the people who it is prescribed for and should never under any circumstances be given out to any one without prescription. Percocet prescription should followed to the letter irrespective if it’s on ‘as needed’ or scheduled bases and after the use the pain relief should in safe and secure place. Patients with asthma, liver problems or alcoholic past should inform their doctor prior to taking this pain relief medication could potentially be fatal for these patients. It is highly addictive and habit forming drug so over dosing on your own without consulting doctor is strictly prohibited and if the drug stops working for you it means your body has developed a tolerance against it and inform your doctor for a change in medication. If the patient has been on this drug for a long time they should not stop it abruptly but rather come off it slowly, because abruptly stopping Percocet could cause unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Lastly the proper way of disposing the drug is to flush it down the drain.

The large list of side effects, abusive and addictive nature has caused a lot of trouble for percocet online buy and has made it hot topic in the eye of media, there even have been reports about banning the pain relief medicine completely but despite all these controversies the ability for this drug working as a good pain killer could not be neglected. The patients who have remained strict to the prescription and have remained cautious about using it almost all of them have seen a positive result in the end which is a huge testament to buy percocet 10mg ability to work.

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